P2 Variant Of MIM (PSSM2) Survey Results

On the 15th November 2022, PSSM & MFM Awareness released the results of their P2 variant of MIM (PSSM2) survey.

The survey was the first to be released, in the PSSM & MFM awareness surveys on the individual variants of MIM (PSSM2).

In total an astonishing 477, P2 horse owners participated in the survey, helping to gather vital research, and information on the P2 variant of MIM (PSSM2).

All horses who were submitted for the survey by their owners were either N/P2 or P2/P2 only, and were tested via the Equiseq, or Generatio hair strand tests, with some horses also having muscle biopsy for double confirmation.

The survey yielded some interesting results, some of the findings were as follows:

-The most common ages for symptoms to develop in P2 horses is between 3-8 years of age, with 64.99% (310) P2 horses in our survey developing symptoms between these ages.

-Most horses with the P2 variant of PSSM2 will become symptomatic at some point within their lifetime, only 5.8% (28) P2 horses who participated in our survey were unsymptomatic.

-Most horses with the P2 variant are manageable, 72.5% (345) of P2 horses in our survey, were said by their owners to be manageable.

-Most horses with the P2 variant are capable of a high or medium workload, with 64.33% (306) horses with the P2 variant capable of being schooled, and participating in competitions.

For the full results of our P2 variant of MIM (PSSM2) survey please click the link below.