About Us

PSSM & MIM Awareness was born in December 2019, when Christine’s horse Tex was diagnosed with PSSM1. With little help available on how to manage PSSM1, Christine turned to Facebook for help, it was in this search for answers that she met Rebecca.

Once Christine found out from Rebecca how little was known about PSSM she decided to set up the group PSSM & MIM Awareness, a group dedicated to helping PSSM & MIM horse owners and thus PSSM & MIM Awareness was born.

From there Christine began extensive research into both PSSM & MIM, she spoke to the scientists behind the tests, and started producing content to help owners and professionals alike, but produced in such a format that the average horse person like herself could understand, from there she established the PSSM & MIM awareness brand and made it the fantastic information source that it is today.

Christine Mahon (Founder)

Christine Mahon- PSSM Awareness

Christine is a passionate and driven individual who has owned and ridden horses her whole life. As of 2022 she currently owns 1 horse an American Paint Horse named Tex who is affected with PSSM1 & MIM (PSSM2).

Christine works full time as a marketing executive for an investment company, but in her spare time, she used to enjoy competing in affiliated dressage competitions producing Tex through the levels with dreams to produce him to Grand Prix.

In December 2019 after a spate of poor performances Christine’s world was turned upside down when Tex was diagnosed as PSSM1 (N/P1), and in April 2020 MIM (PSSM2) (N/P3, N/P8). Tex was highly symptomatic but thankfully responded to management, but due to the natural progression of MIM Christine had no choice but to retire Tex from all affiliated competition, he is now only able to compete in, in-hand showing, and trail rides.

In June 2020 Christine also lost her 2 homebred horses to MIM (PSSM2) her 5-year-old Karlo (N/P4), and his 11-year-old sister Duffy (N/P4) both just months apart from each other.

With the loss of her 2 homebreds and with Tex’s diagnosis it has made Christine even more determined than ever to spread awareness on hereditary equine muscle disease throughout the world, and to encourage more breeders to test equines before breeding through PSSM & MIM Awareness.