Spreading awareness on equine muscle disease

Your PSSM Stories

Your PSSM Stories- Hilde & Robyn

In today’s your PSSM stories we hear from Hilde and her story about her homebred mare Custom Made Robyn. My name is Helen, I am 30 years old and live in a little place not too far away from Oslo, in Norway. I own four horses and live on a small farm. I have always …

3 ways to reduce your pssm1 horses glycogen intake

3 Ways To Reduce Your PSSM1 Horses Glycogen Intake

When it comes to PSSM1 management we know that 1 of the most important factors is to reduce your PSSM1 horse’s glycogen intake but how exactly can we do this? We are here to help, this blog is 3 ways to reduce your PSSM1 horses Glyocogen intake

5 Ways To Reduce Your PSSM1 Horses Grass Intake

5 Ways To Reduce Your PSSM1 Horses Grass Intake

Grass- one of the most natural things a horse can eat, but to a PSSM1 horse, grass is one of their biggest enemies. Changes of season can be a real big worry for PSSM1 owners, as with changes of season comes changes in grass growth and its contents. When the grass is growing at a …

PSSM Symptoms-Tightness

When it comes to PSSM symptoms tightness is something talked about by PSSM1 & PSSM2 owners alike. But what exactly is tightness and why do PSSM horses experience this?

What Is PSSM2?

Protein & It’s Benefits For PSSM2 Horses

Protein is part of the main staple of a PSSM2 horses diet, but what exactly is protein why does it significantly help in terms of PSSM2 management? What Is PSSM2? PSSM2 is an umbrella term used for a group of muscle diseases. The easiest way to think of PSSM2 is like a filing cabinet, where …

Negative Nitrogen Balance

Negative Nitrogen Balance

Negative nitrogen balance a word commonly heard in the PSSM community, but what exactly is it and why do PSSM horses suffer from it?

PSSM Symptoms- Muscle Wasting

PSSM Symptoms- Muscle Wasting

When it comes to PSSM & MFM muscle wasting is a common symptom especially when it comes to PSSM2 horses. But what is muscle wasting and why do PSSM horses experience this?

PSSM Symptoms Explosive Behaviour

PSSM Symptoms- Explosive Behaviour

When it comes to PSSM & MFM explosive behaviour is something commonly discussed amongst owners. But what is explosive behaviour and why do some PSSM horses react explosively?

Tying Up

Tying Up

Tying up or Monday morning disease has been affecting horses as early as 1840, it is one of the most talked about symptoms of PSSM but what exactly is Tying up?

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