In this section you can advertise all things to do with PSSM & MFM including the following:

-Your business that sells products related to PSSM & MFM for example supplements, rugs, etc…
-Professionals experienced in PSSM & MFM advertising their services (i.e a vet, physio, farrier, nutritionist etc…)
-PSSM & MFM clear stallions for stud
-PSSM & MFM positive horses for sale or loan
-PSSM & MFM horses negative for all variants for sale or loan

Prices are as follows:

£30 one-off fee for stallions at stud (this is a lifetime advert that will never expire)

£20 per year for Businesses & Professionals advertising their services

£15 per year for horses for sale or loan

To place an advert please contact us with details at

All horses and ponies advertised for sale, or stallions for stud must provide proof of test results.