PSSM1 & PSSM2 are both hereditary equine muscle diseases. As part of our mission, we are compiling a database of stallions, clear of both PSSM1 & PSSM2 to help mare owners make smart breeding choices.

To be added to this database stallions have to be clear of PSSM1, and all known variants of PSSM2 (MFM). If any new variants of PSSM2 (MFM) are discovered prior to the stallion being added to this list, then the stallion owner has 1 month to test their horse for additional variants. If the stallion is not tested for additional variants within the allotted time frame then he will be removed from the list.

Stallions also have to be clear of any known genetic diseases within their breed for example HWSD in connemaras.

​If you would like your stallion added to our database then please email us using the contact form below with your stallions details, along with a copy of their clear PSSM1, and PSSM2 (MFM) test results, and a copy of clear results for any other genetic diseases they have been tested for.

This database is for clear horses only, for the PSSM1 & PSSM2 (MFM) positive database please refer to the Bridge Equine Database.

PSSM Awareness- Clear Horses Database