Exclusive 1-to-1 mentorship with the founder & admin of PSSM & MIM Awareness- Christine Mahon.

Christine is an avid horse lover, she has over 29 years of experience in the equestrian industry- she has always been a horse owner, and at one time used to also be a breeder.

Christine has owned 4 PSSM1 & MIM (PSSM2) horses, meaning she has extensive experience with both PSSM1 & MIM (PSSM2)-both the good and the bad.

With mentorship, Christine can help answer any questions you may have about PSSM & MIM, she will speak to you openly and honestly through her experiences, and extensive knowledge.

Due to the large number of requests Christine receives this service is now chargeable.

Mentorship cost: £20 per person

If you are interested in being mentored please email [email protected]